Black Magic Mantra for Love

Black Magic Mantra for Love

Black Magic Mantra for Love

Black Magic Mantra for Love Apr 8, 2020 No Comments

There are some times where you are madly in love with the person and the person fails to feel your love. At those times, the Black Magic Mantra for Love will help to attract your loved ones.  The results of the black magic are favorable ones when you are reaching the professionals and experts. The professionals and experts are using various methods to make the person fall in love with you. Here are the top 4 Black Magic Specialist that can attract your loved ones. 

Chicken wing spell

The chicken wing spell consists of the pink candle, 3 drops of your own blood, an organic chicken wing, thread, matches, a needle and a large sheet of parchment paper. You have to light the candle and write the name of your loved one with the help of a chicken wing on the large sheet of parchment paper. On top of your lover’s name, you have to write your name. Drop the seven drops of wax on your name and prick your finger with a needle and drop your blood on the place where you sealed wax. During this action, you have to focus on whom you want to attract and you have to spell the black magic mantra for love

Joining photos together

In the joining photos together, all you need to have is your photo, the photo of the one you desire, red candle, pen or marker. On the picture of your loved one, you have to write “I Love You” and the back of your photo write, “You love me”. And you have to light the candles and look at the picture and imagine the two of you together in real life. You have to drop the wax on the front side of the photos and stick them together. The black magic mantra for love can be spelled after the action. 

Apple spell

To do the apple spell, you have an apple, honey, a few strands of your hair, a few strands of your loved one’s hair and a lengthy red ribbon. Cut the apple sideways to form a star by the apple seeds. Take the strands of the hair and twist them together and put the hair between two halves and tie the apple with a red ribbon. You have to bury the apple outside in a large flower pot. Once after you are done with this, your Love Marriage Specialist ones will feel your love and romance for them.

Bath spell 

The bath spell consists of pink candles, white candles, and a piece of paper, red marker, and jasmine or ylang oil. Take a hot bath and light the candles at the four corners of the tub. On a piece of paper, draw a heart and write both of your names. Rub the paper with oil and fold it and repeat the names out loud. Finally, tear the paper into pieces and place the pieces into bathwater. Dissolve the paper in water by rubbing it on your body. These are the types of ways to attract your loved ones. Follow these methods and attract your loved ones with black magic.