How To Attract A Married Woman?

How To Attract Married Women

How To Attract A Married Woman?

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How To Attract A Married Woman?

The concept of marriage is considered very pure in Indian society, accompanied by the holy rituals and society to acknowledge it. Before marriage and till the marriage, everything goes fine but reality hits after a certain period. Even without love, men and women have to tie the knot, which is termed as ‘Arrange marriage.’

In most cases, it is said love is generated or grows with time but there is some unfortunate times when a long time relationship or marriage ends due to lack of love. This love is a very crucial thing, the presence of it can either bring you bloom or can add dark nights.

Love is very important in everyone’s life so don’t avoid it as finds its way. Men, who want their love or wife to be in their life again then they should know How To Attract Married Women?

The concept is very large but with the experts, you will get it right.

Firstly, any men should know that basically few mantras will help them get the women like ‘Vashikaran Mantra for Love’ and ‘Kamdev Mantra’. Ancient methods used to attract women, one of the simple attraction mantras is specified to be recited 1200 times after midnight sitting comfortably under the sky and remembering the woman. Practice the mantra and a few days it will work.  –

‘Om akarshaya ||’

Another active mantra of traditional time is Kamdev mantra – a popular method refers to Kam devta, the god of emotions. People can use it today to spend time with their love, fall in love again, remove the problems and can learn how to attract a married woman? Results are mesmerizing and positive.

Chant any of these mantras mentioned below 108 times a day for 21 days, keep in mind to recite it with dedication and focus.

‘Om kamadevaya vidmahe, rati priyayi dhemhi, tanno anang prachodayat’ ||

Or you can use this one

‘Om namo bhagwate kamsdevaya yesya yesya hashyo bhavami yesya yesya mam mukham pashyati tanta tanta mohayatu swaha’

Now one of the most powerful and well-known mantras is Love Marriage Specialist. Earlier it was profoundly used to have control over someone’s mind and make someone work on desires. There are many other ways to solve the problem but it is one of the traditional astrology remedies with a 100% guarantee.

‘Ya laumaail bihakki ya ain ya ajimo’

Follow the instruction –

  • Take a bath and wear clean clothes
  • Buy saffron from the store and mix it with few drops of water and create an ink-like mixture
  • Use toothpick, dip in the saffron mixture and write the mantra on clean paper with the ink
  • Hold the mantra paper on right hand and cover it with your left hand
  • Chant the mantra 170 times to energize the paper
  • Mix the paper to water and offer the water to the person
  • Use the mantra with proper set rules because with wrong steps it may go against you.

Another mantra will give a quick solution How To Attract Married Women:

‘Om bhagwati bhag bhaag dayini (name of the women you love) mam vashyam kuru kuru swaha’

Instructions to follow

  • Take bath on Thursday and hold some salt in your hand
  • Stand facing the north direction and chant this mantra 118 times while looking at the salt in hand.
  • Mix the salt in food without her knowledge and offer it to the women you love

Just like love finds it way, the women will find a way to you with these mantras. Sometimes we don’t know what is actually in this universe until we make it. So here is the solution to attract the women who you like or attracted towards.