How to Make Rahu Positive

Remedies for Rahu

How to Make Rahu Positive

Remedies for Rahu Feb 3, 2020 No Comments

Rahu, an evil planet or a planet whose shadow brings ill effects in life. It’s quite a mystery to explain how it is evil and from where it produces its ill effects but the interesting facts are that with the best people best things have happened, bringing higher spirituality in the period. Before making any steps or following remedies, understand at the highest level and then advance in remedies.

The best way to limelight Rahu is, it’s your desire and the charts of planets revolving around the person’s life shape the future story. Rahu plays a very crucial part in your life like you will be deciding to think and perceive is all will be under the impact of Rahu. the amount of energy, power, force and ambitious nature is affected towards the goal you are seeking.

Balance always attains sustainability and during Rahu’s period if your desires and ambitions are matched with your capabilities and subtle efforts, then nobody can stop you from reaching the heights, especially towards spirituality. Negativity surrounds you all the time, visible via aggression, stress, irritation and lack of interest.

Now you have to understand the possible ways on How to Attract a Married Woman? A few simple steps towards life will exponential like synch your life with Rahu, balance yourself, correct the lifestyle, correct your thoughts and actions, mark the goods, focus on listening than speaking.

All these actions will help spiritually and now comes the part to create an impact in physical life that includes remedies.

  1. The first step to make Rahu happy will be feeding street dogs and keep trust it will help positively.
  2. The second step is related to your diet; eat your meals in the kitchen that too half. For e.g., if you have a diet of two chapattis, eat one in the kitchen only.
  3. For best days, worship goddess Durga.
  4. Keep a silver elephant in your home, which should weigh 60 grams or more than that but remember less than will have bad effects.
  5. Feed bajra to birds or you can feed anything else too.
  6. Drink water in silver glass.
  7. Wear blue clothes.

There are various remedies on how to make Rahu happy but these will help largely.

  1. On every Amavasya, donate 4 coconuts in the temple.
  2. This is for students who have difficulty in studying and feel like killing someone, keep a piece of white sandalwood in blue thread and wear it on.
  3. Add some Ashoka leaves and some drops of sandalwood perfume/oil in the bathing water.
  4. To make Rahu happy and remove its effects, procure sandalwood sherbet and drink in the morning.
  5. Do not eat late and do no eat left-over food or food that has become stale.
  6. Free some fish in the water or Black Magic Specialist in India
  7. Apart from how to make Remedies for Rahu, you should learn what not do to make him unhappy, i.e. giving or taking any alcoholic or any other intoxicating substance.

Here is the mantra –

Om Raa(n) Rahve Namaha.